In the spirit of modern winemaking, ForeFront wines embrace an "open sourcing" philosophy. Our bottlings are distinguished not by an appellation or even by a state, but by the exceptional quality that results from a commitment to using the best fruit, period.

With the knowledge gained from over 30 years of winemaking at Pine Ridge, we seek out growing regions where each grape variety develops its finest character, in a style that suits ForeFront wines. We carefully evaluate the elements of terroir - soil types, temperature fluctuations, sun exposure and other factors - and their effect on different grape varietals to pinpoint the ideal sites.

With our extensive estate vineyards and relationships with neighbors up and down the coast, we find intense Cabernet from Napa and beautiful Pinot Gris from Oregon - and that's just the beginning. ForeFront wines don't just speak of one place or one moment, but rather reflect a multitude of regions and characteristics. Wines that are intrinsically more complex and intriguing.

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